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What is Rereading?

Rereading refers to the process of carefully reviewing a written text. When writers reread texts, they look in between each word, phrase, sentence, paragraph. They look for gaps in content, reasoning, organization, design, diction, style–and more.

When engaged in the physical act of writing — during moments of composing — writers will often pause from drafting to reread what they wrote or to reread some other text they are referencing.


Why does rereading matter?

The act of rereading enables writers to critically examine their work and identify areas for improvement.

What is Structured Rereading?

During “structured revision” or “structured editing” writers will read through their documents line-by-line with specific evaluative criteria in mind. More naturally, writers will read through their documents from top to bottom until they hit a snag–a break in the discourse where the target audience will be left asking “why am I being given this information? Why do you think this? What evidence do you have for that?”

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