Assistant Professor

Roberto León

- Georgia College & State University

Roberto S. León is an assistant professor at Georgia College & State University, where he serves as teaching fellow coordinator. He has also served as an administrative fellow in the University of Maryland College Park academic writing program and writing center; and as a tutor trainer in Brigham Young University Hawai’i.  He has taught a variety of EAL, writing, and rhetoric courses, including oral fluency, first-year writing, technical writing, and comparative rhetoric.  He researches composition theory and history, as well as writing pedagogy education.


Counterarguments – Rebuttal – Refutation

Ignoring what your target audience thinks and feels about your argument isn’t a recipe for success. Instead, engage in audience analysis: ask yourself, “How is your target audience likely to respond to your propositions? What counterarguments — arguments about your argument — will your target audience likely raise before considering your propositions?”