Dan Melzer

Dan Melzer is a professor and Director of First-Year Composition in the UC Davis University Writing Program. He is the author of the book Assignments across the Curriculum and coauthor with John Bean of the book Engaging Ideas and with Michelle Cox and Jeffrey Galin of the book Sustainable WAC. His articles have appeared in College Composition and Communication, Writing Program Administration, Journal of Basic Writing, The WAC Journal, CompositionForum, Kairos, and Journal of Response to Writing.


Contract Grading – So Your Instructor is Using Contract Grading…

Educational psychologists have shown that grades can undermine student engagement with their own work, making them more focused on grades than on learning (Kohn 29). As a result, students are often more concerned with how to get an “A” than how to write effectively for different audiences, purposes

Contract Grading Rubric – Labor-Emphasis

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